This sound short shows the vocal accomplishments of Waite Hoyt, who is first-string pitcher for the New York Yankees. It's easy to see that flinging the horsehide object is more in his line, but he has excellent support from Fred Coots, the songwriter, and Mae Questelle (Mae Questel), baby-voiced singer. Hoyt makes a nest appearance, speaks well and hasn't a half-bad voice. The short is worth booking, for it has "name" appeal and is also entertaining. Coots gets things going with nice pipes work of baseball song special, following with the introduction of Hoyt. He then takes a crack at "I'm Only Making Believe," one of those weepy ballads usually harped upon by bathtub warblers. It's hard to believe he ever sung that while his teamates were around. Mae Questelle makes a good showing with "Do Something", This girl has been hitting it big in vaudeville, working much on the style of Helen Kane. She sang her number to Hoyt, who acted to her nicely.