Betty Boop enjoyed mild popularity until Mae Questel got the job, then she became a favorite with movie fans. Miss Questel almost looks like Betty Boop, feet 1 inch in height, has black bobbed hair and sparkling eyes, and talks like Helen Kane. In fact she began her theatrical career in an amateur impersonation contest in a Bronx theatre and won a prize for mimicking the "Boop-Boop-a-Doop" gal. It was when Max Fleischer was looking for a new Betty Boop he had tried a number but they all failed that she was sent to him. She was found to be perfect for the part. She was Betty Boop. Fleischer will tell you she isn't Betty Boop, but that Betty Boop is Mae Questel. There's no telling when, as Betty Boop she may be called in to do any of those characters. She doesn't care that the audience only hears her but doesn't see her. The ability to change her voice allowed her to take eleven parts in one reel. When she goes to the movies she likes to see those animated cartoons. Mae Questel's favorite is not Betty Boop. Just tell her where a Mickey Mouse cartoon is playing.