Marjorie Babe Kane
Marjorie Babe Kane


Marjorie Babe Kane

 Marjorie Kane (April 28, 1909 – January 8, 1992) was an American film actress. Babe Kane was one of the many Helen Kane impersonators, She appeared in 68 films from 1929 to 1951. In the 1930 short Bubbles there is a baby talk singer who sings the opening sequence "My Pretty Bubble". The singer is often identified as Mae Questel but in fact could be Babe Kane.


  • The Great Gabbo (1929)
  • Be Yourself (1930)
  • The Dentist (1932)
  • The Loud Mouth (1932)
  • Merrily We Live (1938)



Marjorie Babe Kane - I Wanna Find A Boy & Must Be Love (1930)

Marjorie Babe Kane - I Wanna Find A Boy & Must Be Love (1930)


Marjorie died on January 8, 1992, at Temple University Hospital, Los Angeles, California.


  • Some sources claim that Marjorie Kane was related to Helen Kane, as a sister or a cousin, which is untrue, they both were not related, due to the fact that Helen had taken the name Kane from her first husband, Helen Kane's first second name was Schroeder.
  • It was often thought that Helen Kane played a ukulele, when in fact it was actually Babe Kane who was able to play a ukulele, Helen Kane sung about playing a ukulele.