Mae Questel won an RKO contest as the best impersonator of Helen Kane a few years ago, and since then has been playing around as a single and with bigger acts. More recently she has been the off-screen voice of Betty Boop in the animated cartoons produced by Max Fleischer and distributed by Paramount. She was spotted here as the headliner, being built up as Betty Boop rather than Mae Questel. As a novelty act she is okay, but she failed to register as far as entertainment value goes. Her entrance was preceded by the unreeling of a Betty Boop release, Crazy Inventions. She then comes on and sings in her familiar baby talk an old ditty, "How'm I Doin", with the pit musicians helping too. She got a light hand and did not attempt a second number, instead introducing Annette Ames a cute blond midget song-and-dancer. She looks remarkably like the Betty Boop character, being a cute and small brunet dressed in a black gown and on one side to show a lurid garter. Miss Questel is charming and talented, but needs a better act.